Thursday, 12 December 2013

Yours Forever

In night in day when the sun is away
In moon in light when all is bright
And the flowers would say to my dismay
The birds would sing n fly n swing
The tree would be loaded with lots of green
The nature would sing the song unseen
The earth the sky n every pie
Would scream n shout n its all about
How much I want n miss n care for u
How much I am hopelessly in luv with u
How late I have been to tell u this
‘I am urs forever’ with a flying kiss...

Monday, 18 November 2013


In thousand directions my mind wanders,
In thousand ways it paints the picture,
Few paths were there for selection,
But thousand were the distractions.

In haste I chose one,
In hope that it’s the right one,
I stumbled, limped n even fell,
Panicked - Oh! What the hell!!!

N have come so far that can't return,
As you can't fix a broken urn,
Not even blurry that I can see an image,
N it all feels like a far fetched mirage.

But they say the distance doesn't matter, the journey does...
The destination won't teach anything, the experience will...
So here I continue my search, until I find it...
And hope all will end well as I expect it...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ek jhalak

Har ghadi ek naya bahana, ek naya jatan samjhane ko,
Saanjh ki lau bujh chuki hai, ab thaah nai hai aane ko,
Aas ne dil ka saath na choda, parwaah nai duniyadari ki,
Ek jhalak jo dikhla jao tum, to chaudhwi bhi ho sharmane ko,
Tere daaman k kaanto ki sudh phoolo ne jaani hai,
Ek shikan bas reh gayi hai aanchal ko uljhane ko,
Yaad nai kya karta hu mai, chaahat hai bisraane ko,
Na tarsao itna mujhko ki bhool jau teri AAHAT ko...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

M wondering...

M wondering
What's holding me,
Is it the fear to loose it all,
Or is it the trust I have in me,
M wondering
Why the time isn't what it should be,
Why M perplexed by the strength in me,
M wondering
The whole idea of freedom is seen differently,
And the opinions are made on self-sustainability,
M wondering
When everything will be perfect
And free of dilemmas,
When the course is set-
And I'll see destination at a glance,
Coz its worth is most when you get it last,
After all the turmoils and hunger fasts;
Its all been set to prove the truth,
The BAD time does not always lasts...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A New Life...

Its a beginning of new life,
New hope, new wish, new day,
New smile, new cry, new laugh,
But each day doesn't seem enough.

Things will be according to his wish,
And decisions will be taken on his basis,
Each moment spent with him wouldn't be less than a bliss,
And you can not easily compile it in a thesis!

The day will soon come when he'll be young,
Young enough to get himself sprung, 
Times will be likely when he won't listen,
And even would throw tantrums to threaten, 
But one thing you should always keep in mind,
Even he can't deny that he is your child,
Whatever he does is out of innocence, 
Whatever you'll do should be out of common sense...

Thursday, 21 June 2012


एक भवरे की चाहत है किसी फूल को चूम ले,
एक फूल की चाहत है हवा में खुशबू बिखेर दे,
एक खुशबू की चाहत है रहे सदा ताज़ा जैसे आपकी साँसे हो मेरी जिस्म में,
एक रूह की चाहत है मिले किसी हमदर्द से जैसे अपना हो कोई....

चाहत तो है पर इंतज़ार नहीं होता,
क्या करू की इस दिल पे इख्तियार नहीं होता,
ऐतबार तो है तुझपे पर खुद पे ऐतबार नहीं होता,
इस कदर न की होती आशिकी तो मेरा नाम आशिको में शुमार कैसे होता .....

Thursday, 23 February 2012


ख्वाबों की परछाइयों में देखो -
कितने ही अनसुलझे सवाल गुथे हैं,
सागर की लहरों में देखो -
कितनी ही असीमित प्यास भरी है,
बादलों की घटाओं में देखो -
किसके मिलने की दस्तक है,
फूलों के बहार में देखो -
किसके आने की महक है,
और एक जोगन की आँखों में देखो -
कितने ही दर्द समेटे है...
उसके सवाल, उसकी प्यास, मिलने की दस्तक, किसीकी आहट,
कभी न पूरी हो सकने वाली चाहत...
बस एक आस की वो सपने सच होंगे,
इस धरती और आकाश की तरह वो भी कही मिलेंगे...